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Morrisby Profiling enables students age 15+ - graduates to understand their strengths, potential key skills and interests helping them to identify careers areas they could excel in and enjoy. Most importantly, it ensures students consider all their options, not just those they have heard of. Morrisby assists students to research and decide ideal A levels, BTEC's, apprenticeships, degrees and degree apprenticeships.


All Morrisby Profiling completed through Forrester Careers Tutoring features a full one-hour feedback, comprising a Careers Interview.  


Students can either take a full Morrisby (Aptitudes based) or just a careers interest and aspirations version of Morrisby. 

Please click on the PPT to the right to see how Morrisby can help your son or daughter to sanity check their next step decisions. 

Please click on the PDF to the right to see an example of the written Morrisby summary your son or daughter will receive in addition to being able to use the Morrisby Portal for life.