Typical Dilemmas for students: 


- Sixth former students who realize they do not enjoy their courses and need support to work out next steps. 


-Or who realise they would prefer an apprenticeship over college and need help to find opportunities and apply.

- Year one undergraduates who have chosen to halt their degree studies having realized the course, University studies or Uni life overall are not for them. Many loved sixth form, but not university - for very different reasons. We can then look at ideal next steps.


- Graduates who may wish to seek employment outside the usual scope of their degree.  

-Graduates who are now ready to apply for final year Milk Round opportunities and need help to represent themselves appropriately during tough recruitment cycles including online ability psychometrics and assessment centres. 

Typical Sessions for different Year Groups

Year 10 early careers discussions for students keen to consider all their options. 

Year 11: A sanity check around ideal and enjoyable A levels, BTEC or Apprenticeships.

Year 12: How to research ideas around degrees & Apprenticeships, Uni subjects, universities, planning Uni tours. 

Year 13: Prioritizing between ideas, picking 5 ideal options, UCAS applications, Personal Statements, Degree Apprenticeships.

Undergraduates and Graduates

-Undergraduates hoping to access competitive graduate jobs employment opportunities need to focus on their employability during Uni - not afterwards! We look at how to fill your CV with great skills during University.


-Graduates: we often focus on identifying ideal career directions, Milkround applications, Job Search skills and tools. Specifically; researching opportunities effectively, creating ideal CV's, Digital interview practice, ability and personality psychometric pratice, preparing for online assessment centers.

Typical Costs

£40 per session for up to year 11 students: students often only need one or two sessions, with homework.

£50 per session for year 12+ and university level:  students usually need between one to three sessions.