Year 11  Sanity checking  

  • Hopefully your Year 11 will now have applied for college and is focused on Mocks and the summer.   

  • Or perhaps they are considering an Apprenticeship?

  • Careers Tutoring before college starts can help students to sanity check their ideas around subjects, combinations and degree requirements. 

  • We discuss their personality and the careers that match this and their preferred skills. We review how they have made pathways decisions; what research they completed, how they have come to decisions and they myriad pathways their choices will open up. As such we sanity check they have considered all they need to.

  • This provides reassurance and self understanding to young students - for whom the hundreds of options can become overwhelming. 

  • Careers Tutoring can also provide psychometric profiling to show them what they are naturally good at, how their brain works and how this all links to different careers/pathways. Testing is in Spatial, abstract, mechanical, numerical/verbal skills, personality & careers interest. Testing is at home online. Results are then discussed fully.

  • A written report is provided and students can use the software portal to research careers, grades/subjects for life.

  • Careers tutoring will either reassure students they have chosen well. Or it will inspire thoughts around new ideas. Students are then supported to explore these further and make any new applications to college or apprenticeships.  




Year 12 Choosing Degrees, Virtual Uni Tours & Personal Statement support

  • Is your year 12 working hard at online A levels or BTEC's and trying to keep an eye on Uni ideas? 

  • Has their college asked them to prepare a Uni Personal Statement by the end of this term?

  • When they might not have clear subject ideas yet?

  • Or know which 5 Unis could suit their aims & needs best? 

  • Or if they wish to go at all? Degree Apprenticeship perhaps? 

  • Careers tutoring & Morrisby Profiling helps all students gain new insight around their innate skills/strengths/preferences enabling them to successfully identify which career and degree areas are ideal for their respective abilities and talents.

  • We discuss careers, degree courses and degree apprenticeships that suit their skills, how their brain analyses information, how they like to learn and great careers for their personality type.

  • Students will then feel able to book the right online virtual Uni tours & to reflect on their overall priorities clearly.

  • We talk through how to approach their Personal Statement (reading, research and structure). Students' final drafts can be checked & edited to ensure they fully reflect their abilities and goals.

  • Students take the online profile at home, followed by a one hour remote results feedback session. Then usually up to 3 coaching sessions to support with planning/PS. 

Year 13 Double check options  

  • Or is your Y13 at home, with little to focus on, perhaps worrying whether to defer, take a gap year or continue to Uni, despite online learning for term 1?

  • Or thinking about applying to Degree Apprenticeships?

  • How about some help to work through all this?

  • Morrisby Aptitude & Aspirations profiling will reveal innate strengths, abilities, personality traits and suggests ideal degree and degree apprenticeships areas for each student, helping them pick wisely. 

  • 1:1 Zoom or mobile feedback discusses Degrees and Degree Apprenticeships thoroughly to ensure students know all local and national opportunities which could suit them well. 

  • Enabling students to feel they have really reviewed their options thoroughly. And that they have choices.

  • Careers tutoring helps students to explore each area thoroughly and apply or re-apply as necessary. 



Gap Year students - what now?

  • Y13 Gap Year students may be feeling a little deflated. 

  • No prospects of travelling anywhere far flung, anytime soon. 

  • Imminent redundancies across the UK will make gaining temp jobs (to fund travel) much more difficult to come by. 

  • A reduced number of apprenticeships (40%) meaning increased competition for each. 

  • Gap Year hopefuls could potentially face a year of frustration and boredom - how could you plan to avoid this?

  • Isn't now a good time to review all your options and plans? 

  • Whether this is starting your own small business, or quickly gaining new skills to work in Digital areas such as Social Media/Content/Graphic Design or go large and reconsider University for October 2020 after all. 

  • Or apply for a Higher or Degree Apprenticeship instead. 

  • Careers Tutoring will help Year 13's make sense of their ideas and provides help with planning and applying/re-applying.





Undergraduates - Employability

  • Do you have an undergraduate at home, missing Uni life, lectures, tutorials, flatmates and socials?

  • Has their academic work nearly finished for this term and they have around 5 months to fill with little paid work around?

  • Why not encourage them to take this time to review their overall career direction and goals? Find out which careers could really suit them?  

  • Now - rather than on graduating? (When it is then too late to apply for most graduate recruitment rounds).

  • Morrisby profiling will help students understand their innate abilities and preferences, enabling them to identify satisfying careers areas. 

  • Once these are clear, students are shown how to really research industries, sectors and employers that could offer them exciting futures one day.

  • Students will learn why Linked In will be their best friend, how graduate employment agencies work, what they need to know about final year recruitment rounds. 

  • Let's get that CV perfected, discuss employability skills - and get students feeling in control for the future. 

  • Term time is always too busy for this. So why not use time wisely during Lockdown? 



Graduate Job Search & Applications during Corona

  • This is a tough time for final year students. Those with employer offers may be concerned these will be delayed or cancelled (fingers crossed not).

  • Those without offers are aware job opportunities will be harder come by, even when lockdown lifts. 

  • Graduate jobs have declined by 40% - now more than ever graduates need good job search skills to underpin their application. 

  • Careers tutoring helps graduates really evaluate what you are looking for and why? And coaches you through complex and intensive applications. 

  • Graduates will learn key concepts their degrees may not have covered around the corporate arena/organisations/different business areas. So they can start to see a great starting place for themselves and target the right employers/sectors/roles.   

  •  We will cover how to research ideal employers and opportunities diligently, how to prepare for employer ability psychometrics. How to understand graduate recruitment cycles, Digital interviews and Virtual assessment centres.

  • Careers tutoring will help you identify ideal opportunities that are still available and hand hold you through the process - boosting your chances of success. 

  • CV, Digital interview skills, Situational Judgement Tests- let's get you completely prepared- and feeling motivated and optimistic.